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The exchange rate – Pounds to Lev

The pound (GBP) to lev (BGN) exchange rate will show you how many lev you can buy for your British pounds. Lev are relatively easy to find in the UK, as Bulgarian destinations like Sunny Beach and Sofia and the country's many ski resorts are popular places for British tourists to visit. Currently, 1 GBP can be exchanged for 2.19 BGN, according to the mid-market rate.

Exchange rate pounds to lev

You can find the current pound to lev exchange rate at a mid-market site like You won't be able to buy currency at this rate, as this is only for banks and currency traders, but it's good to be aware of it. Then, you can look for the travel money provider which is offering the closest rate to this to get the make your pounds go as far as possible.

Where can I exchange pounds for lev?

The majority of the UK's travel money providers exchange pounds for Bulgarian lev, so it's easy to purchase them before you go. As it's a relatively common currency, make sure you shop around for the best possible rate. You can also take cash and exchange your pounds in Bulgaria at a bank, currency exchange shop or your hotel. This will generally offer you the best possible rate but it's not essential to do, as many providers in the UK offer a good rate anyway.

Pound to lev currency exchange comparison

You can find the best pound to lev exchange rate on some comparison sites. In addition to traditional comparison services, a couple also offer a travel money comparison tools. All you need to do is type in how many UK pounds you'd like to convert into lev and you'll be shown the best rates from providers across the UK.

Some comparison sites will also show you other perks that providers are offering, like money-off vouchers, preferential rates for loyalty card holders or free delivery. If a few providers are offering identical rates, make sure you check if there are any other perks to see where you'll get the best deal.

Pound to lev currency exchange calculator

You'll find a currency exchange calculator on travel money sites. Before you purchase your currency, you'll be able to work out exactly how many lev your pounds will buy you. If you just want a general idea of the currency exchange rate, use a mid-market site like