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The exchange rate – pounds to kuna

The pound (GBP) to Croatian kuna (HRK) exchange rate shows you how many kuna you'll receive per pound you exchange. Currently, the mid-market rate means that 1 GBP can be exchanged for 8.3 HRK. Croatian kuna is becoming easier to find in the UK at travel money providers, as in recent years the country has come a popular destination for British holidaymakers (thanks at least in part to Game of Thrones, as the series is filmed in Dubrovnik).

Where can I find the pound to kuna exchange rate?

You can find the pound to kuna exchange rate at a mid-market site like This shows you the rate at which banks and currency traders are buying currency. You won't be able to buy currency at this rate from a travel money provider, but it's good to know as you can compare currency exchange companies to this to find the best rate.

Best pound to kuna currency exchange rate

The best pound to kuna exchange rate is currently offered by WeSwap Travel Money, where 1 GBP will get you 8.18 kuna. Out of the high street providers offering pound to kuna exchange, Debenhams Travel Money offers the best rate at 7.92 kuna per 1 GBP. This will change regularly though, as exchange rates fluctuate, so make sure you do your own research before purchasing your kuna.

Pound to kuna currency exchange comparison

Croatian kuna can be exchanged at most of the UK's leading travel money providers. A comparison site will take the hassle out of shopping around for the best rate, as you can see the providers with the best rates all in one place. Simply type in the amount of GBP you're looking to exchange and you'll be shown the most competitive rates currently on the market.

Kuna currency exchange calculator

If you want to work out how far your UK sterling budget will go in Croatia, using a currency exchange calculator is the best method. Most travel money providers will have one on their website to allow you to work out how many pounds you need to exchange before buying. If you'd just like a rough idea of how far your pounds will go for budgeting purposes, use a mid-market calculator to get a general idea of the current exchange rates.