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What's the pound to euro exchange rate?

The pound (GBP) to euro (EUR) exchange rate refers to how many euros you'll get to spend across the continent when you exchange your pounds. The amount of travel money you'll get when exchanging has taken a battering of late, as the UK's political issues and problems within the Eurozone have caused both currencies' values to shrink. It's currently sitting at 1 GBP to 1.124 Euros, but will likely have shifted again since we've written this.

Where can I find the pound to euro exchange rate?

The most reliable place to find the current pound to euro exchange rate is at This site reports on the current mid-market rate, or the rate at which banks and professional currency traders are exchanging currency at.

Travel money or currency exchange bureaux which sell to the public can't sell currency at this exact rate, but it's a good benchmark when you're shopping around for the best deal. Try and find a provider that offers a rate as close to this one as possible. You can use a comparison site to find the best rate quickly or can shop around manually.

Best pound to euro currency exchange

The best currency exchange providers for Euros are currently NM Money and Debenhams, offering a euro exchange rate of 1.114 and 1.113 respectively. As the pound to euro rate is currently poor everywhere, look out for other perks that make a provider more appealing.

For example, Debenhams is currently offering a free £5 off £20 spend voucher with currency transactions and store cardholders will get even better rates. Make sure you regularly check the exchange rate and snap up euros if they rise significantly, as the current political climate means rates can change for the worse within just a few hours.

Will Brexit affect the pound to euro exchange rate?

The UK's decision to the leave the EU has already caused a dip in the value of the pound, largely due to the uncertainty surrounding it all. At this stage, though, it's very unclear how Brexit will continue to affect the strength of the pound. If a good exit agreement is reached, it could send the value of the pound soaring.

If no exit agreement, or one that the world views badly, is agreed, the pound could plummet. It's virtually impossible to predict currently, though continued political uncertainty while the UK works out what to do is likely to have a negative impact on the pound.