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The exchange rate – pound to Canadian dollar

The pound (GBP) to Canadian dollar (CAD) exchange rate shows you how much one British pound is worth in the Canadian currency. Despite being part of North America, Canada uses a completely different currency to the US which the pound remains relatively strong against. The current exchange rate is 1 GBP to 1.62 CAD (according to, though is likely to have shifted since the time of writing.

Best currency exchange rates – pound to Canadian dollars

When you're looking to exchange any currency, it's wise to know the mid-market rate (found at This is the rate at which banks and currency traders purchase their currency. No travel money providers will offer this exact rate, but it's useful to know as you can compare them to it to find the best deal. Opt for the currency exchange service with the rate that's closest to the mid-market one.

Currently, you'll get the best currency exchange rate from Travel FX Travel Money, which is offering a rate of 1.6 CAD to 1 GBP. This is likely to change as the value of both the pound and CAD fluctuate, so make sure to do your own research before purchasing.

Where can I exchange pounds for Canadian dollars?

Canada is a popular holiday destination with Brits, so it's easy to exchange GBP for CAD in the UK. Currency exchange stores, travel money providers, banks and the Post Office all offer GBP to CAD exchange services in store and online. Check before you visit a store, though, as the currency is not as popular as euros and US dollars so it may need to be ordered in (particularly if you need a large amount).

Currency exchange comparison for Canadian dollars

If you visit a travel money comparison site, you'll be able to compare currency exchange providers to find those that offer the most favourable rates. As well as showing you the exchange rate, these sites will often highlight additional offers from each provider which can make them more appealing.

Where can I find a currency exchange calculator?

Virtually all travel money providers offer a currency exchange calculator tool, which will let you work out exactly how many CAD your chosen amount of GBP can buy you. If you're just looking for a ballpark idea of how many CAD your sterling budget will buy, a mid-market site like will offer you a good idea of how many you'll receive from the most competitive travel money providers.