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Travel money comparison guide

Whether you're jetting off to explore the volcanoes of Japan, Ecuador or Tenerife, or to lounge on the white sands of Barbados, Hawaii or Sardinia, you're going to need some travel money when you're there.

Compare travel money

There are plenty of ways you can spend abroad. If you want to take some foreign currency with you, you'll want to compare travel money providers to find the best deal. Each offers their own pros and cons, and different exchange rate, so you need to research which one is most suited to your requirements.

Currency exchange

Many travel money providers offer more favourable exchange rates when ordered online, and will provide free delivery if ordering over a certain amount. If you would rather pick up your travel money in person, this is usually possible too. Just double check the details before you make the purchase.

Best travel money rates

At the time of writing this article, the rate for the euro is higher with Debenhams (1.106) and M&S Bank (1.104) than it is with Post Office Travel Money (1.097). This trend continues with the U.S dollar rate, where it's 1.213 with Debenhams, 1.210 with M&S Bank and 1.204 with the Post Office. As well as offering the best rates on both currencies, Debenhams also allows you to order between £5 and £2,500, whereas the minimum from M&S Bank is £100 and from the Post Office it's £400.

Unless you are a M&S Bank cardholder, you can't get your travel money delivered. For orders under £500, Debenham charges £6.95 for delivery and the Post Office charges £4.99. Both companies offer free delivery for orders above this amount.

How else can I spend travel money abroad?

Another way to spend money abroad is by using your credit or debit card as you normally would. If you do plan on using it to make ATM withdrawals or payments, you need to inform your bank before you go to avoid it being blocked.

A second option is to get a travel money card. These are often considered to be the securest option, as well as helping travellers budget their money better. There are many travel money card providers including Tesco, John Lewis and HSBC. Some cards can even hold up to 40 currencies and don't charge an international ATM or payment fee.