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Cheap travel money

Whether you're flying to sunny Spain or beautiful Barbados, you're going to need some travel money to spend when you're there. There are numerous different methods of spending abroad, and some will work out cheaper than others. But beware that one of most expensive ways is changing currency at the airport without having pre-ordered it.

Cheap travel money comparison

You might feel more relaxed taking some foreign currency with you, so you will need to research where you can get the best rates. Often, you can find the most favourable deals online, and if you collect from a bureau de change you will save on the delivery cost. However, some companies offer free delivery if you order over a certain amount. Make sure to factor in the commission fee that some currency exchange companies charge. But if you do opt for a commission-free exchange company, they may offer less competitive rates, so try to find the right balance.

Cheap travel money for US dollars

It's up to you whether you want to buy your US dollars before you go or when you're there. Many people do rely on using their debit or credit card when in the US and use ATM withdrawals to get the local currency. But if you do want to take some US dollars with you, compare rates online to find the best deal.

Best travel money rates

A lot of the time, you can actually get the best rates when using a travel money card for purchases or cash withdrawals. Many debit and credit cards will charge an exchange fee when used for spending; this is as much as 2.99% for every £100 you spend. There is a similar fee for cash withdrawals too. Certain cards are designed to be used abroad, for instance the Halifax Online Clarity credit card and the Santander Zero credit card. But, travel money cards are still usually cheaper than standard debit or credit cards.

Using a travel money card to save money

You can pre-load money onto your travel money card before you set off and top it up when you need. Use it exactly how you would a debit or credit card, whether it's withdrawing some cash for souvenirs or paying for a meal in a restaurant. They are a great option for travellers on a budget as you can only spend what's on the card. Some travel money cards hold up to 40 currencies and don't charge conversion or ATM fees.