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Travel money card Thailand

Prepaid currency cards can make spending money in Thailand simple and stress free. Simply load up your card before the start of your break and use it on any cash machine or ATM that supports your card provider. If you run out of funds, top your card online or by phone and carry on spending.

Should I pay with cash or card in Thailand?

Most people opt to use both, depending on what they're buying. While some hotels, restaurants and stores accept card payments, you'll need to have cash with you to pay for other items. Many shops and attractions only take cash, and you may want to keep some coins to hand for tips.

Haggling is also a major part of life in Thailand. A huge range of products are displayed without set prices and the cost of other expenses, such as tuk-tuk rides, are decided there and then. In situations like these, you'll need to pay in cash.

If you plan to use your card while away, don't forget to notify your bank, as they may block your card if they notice unexpected foreign transactions.

Can I use any other currencies in Thailand?

In general, it's better to be prepared and have Thailand's currency, the baht (THB), to hand. However, you may find that some hotels and restaurants accept euros and dollars too. If you're using a prepaid currency card, you should make sure your travel money is converted into baht before you leave. Otherwise, you may be charged extra, and could lose more money as a result of fluctuating currency exchange rates.

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM in Thailand?

Yes. There are plenty of ATMs in Thailand, so you should be able to take out cash regularly. However, most cash machines only allow withdrawals of up to 20,000B per day and often charge a fee of around 200B per withdrawal. This is the same no matter how much you're taking out, so it pays to be organised if you plan to use cash for most of your expenses.

What is the best travel money card for Thailand?

There are several prepaid travel cards that support Thai currency. Some of the most popular card providers for the Thai baht are Citi, Travelex, HSBC, TransferWise and WeSwap. However, you should compare all your options if you want to get the most out of your money, as card providers will all charge different fees.

If you buy a travel card that can't be loaded with Thai currency, you will have to pay a conversion fee every time you use it.