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Best travel money card for Canada

Whether you're visiting Canada for bear-spotting adventures, to see the spectacular Niagara Falls or to explore one of the vibrant cities, one thing's for sure – you're going to need some travel money to spend when you're there. You could exchange your money when you get there and use your credit or debit card as and when you need to. Or, one form of spending money abroad you might not have considered is using a travel money card.

What currency is used in Canada?

The main currency used in Canada is the Canadian dollar, but some establishments will also accept U.S currency. Major retailers and hotels will accept the U.S dollar, but they might set their own, unfavourable exchange rate. Canada's main tourist attractions will also accept U.S currency and are less likely to charge an inflated exchange rate. Still, it's best to have Canadian currency as more rural destinations and automated machines, like parking meters, will only accept the Canadian dollar.

Can I get travel money in Canada?

You can buy travel money at currency exchange kiosks in shopping centres and train stations, at some major tourist areas, border crossings, banks, post offices and American Express offices. But it's the last three where you will find the best exchange rates.

Compare the best travel money cards for Canada

If you're attracted to the security and convenience that travel money cards offer, there are plenty of providers to choose from. Some of them offer up to 40 currencies and have 0% conversion and ATM fees. If you're not intending on exchanging money before you go or when you're there, you need to be wary of the ATM withdrawal fees.

Travel money cards in Canada

One travel money card you could get for your trip to Canada is the one offered by Travelex. It doesn't charge any purchase or ATM fees for spending or withdrawing the loaded currency. However, if the card isn't used for one year, it charges an inactivity fee of £2 per month.

Can I use traveller's cheques in Canada?

Since the 1990s, traveller's cheques have fallen out of favour, and a lot of banks actually refuse to cash them. If you need cash you're best off using a travel money card or your normal debit or credit card for ATM withdrawals.