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Barclays Travel Money

Barclays is an investment bank and financial services provider and is one of the UK's big four banks. As well as the usual financial products and services offered by most banks, it also offers a travel money service to its customers.

Barclays sells lots of the world's most common currencies, including US dollars, euros, Australian dollars and the UAE dirham. You can order it as cash or as traveller's cheques and all of the currencies are available to buy in amounts between £50 and £5,000. Barclays is a good choice for those who need to order a large amount of money, as the bank allows customers to purchase much higher values of foreign currency than many of the UK's other travel money providers.

How do I order Barclays travel money?

You can order Barclays travel money online, in store or by phone, but you'll need to have a Barclays bank account to do so. If you order online, you can either have your currency delivered or collect it for free from your local Barclays branch.

Order before 2pm Monday to Thursday and you can collect or get your money delivered the next working day. If you miss the deadline but urgently need currency or a traveller's cheque for the next working day, Barclays has a dedicated line up to 3pm that you can call.

If you work for Barclays, you'll get the best rates by ordering through Barclays dedicated Travel Line, which is open seven days a week. This option offers the best rates but is only available to staff, so if you're lucky enough to know someone who works for Barclays order your currency via them, if possible.

How much travel money can I order from Barclays?

You can order up to £5,000 per person in a 90-day period, making Barclays a good option for those who need a larger amount of cash in a different currency. If you're getting your currency delivered, a maximum of £2,500 can be sent to a single residential address. You'll either need to collect or split your delivery between yours and your partner's, or a trusted friend/family member's address, if you're planning on getting more than £2,500.

Is there a fee when buying Barclays Travel Money?

You may be charged a small fee when buying your travel money with your Barclaycard, although this will depend on the kind of account you have. Check your account's term and conditions to find out if you're exempt.