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10 Signs You're Ready For A Holiday

Is it time for you to book a holiday?

friends toasting

1. You're spending four hours a day embellishing your 'dream holidays' Pinterest board.

Nothing says more about a person's hopes, dreams and general mental state than their Pinterest account. Wedding dresses galore? They're awaiting a proposal. Endless recipes and cupcakes? They're probably on a diet.  And so it is that a well-tended 'dream holidays' board is probably a sign that the owner would very much like to swap dreams for reality - and at the earliest possible opportunity. (Take a look at our Holiday Extras Pinterest boards if you need some pinspiration!)

2. Your summer clothes are gathering dust.

The British summer does its best to provide opportunities for wearing our favourite warm-weather gear, but for many of us, it takes a foreign holiday do really do our wardrobe justice. So if you have a 'summer drawer' whose inhabitants never seem to see the light of day, now is the time to book a trip somewhere with some guaranteed sun. Don't let another year go by without at least one chance to wear that cherished sun dress, Hawaiian shirt or kaftan! You've held on to them all this time, so you know deep down you want to make it happen…

3. You've never even come close to using up all of your holiday allowance.

Your holiday allowance is there for a reason, and if you don't use it, you could lose it. Or if you're lucky, you'll gain some extra days for time off work the following year. If you're in the latter camp, don't let this opportunity go to waste: it's a sign that you've kept on working long after the majority of us would have chucked in the towel and taken a break. So think about the money you'll have saved by not travelling in the previous year(s), and make this one a biggie. You've earned it!

4. You've got a tropical beach set as your screensaver.

This one's a no-brainer. Especially if it's a stock photograph of somewhere you've never even visited. Wouldn't you like to swap pixels for reality?

5. You're wearing more fake tan than the cast of TOWIE.

You've tried lotions, mousses, spray tans and possibly even the dreaded sun bed - but nothing comes close to the warm glow of a natural tan. For those who appreciate the bronzed look, there really is no better skin therapy than a week or two in sunnier climes. Why not make it happen? You'll save on skincare if nothing else…

6. Your passport photo shows a spotty, pubescent teen.

How long ago was it that you renewed your passport again? If your last holiday took place years, rather than months in the past, you may want to double-check the status of your passport, visas and any other essential travel documents before you book another overseas trip. Is your passport still valid? Do you even know where it is? These seemingly small concerns can quickly escalate into holiday-halting crises, so it makes sense to look into these important bits of holiday admin as early as possible.

7. You're known as 'the one who's always in the office'.

One danger of taking few holidays is that you'll eventually gain the reputation of being “the one who's always in the office”. While this could work wonders for your career, it may also result in your being relied upon too heavily by colleagues, who quite reasonably expect you to cover for them on their own extended breaks. Why not turn the tables this year and call in some of those favours? Can they really complain when you decide to disappear for three weeks?

8. You angrily hide any Facebook holiday photos.

Social media can be a terrible place for those with a touch of the green-eyed monster, and seeing a friend's (or frenemy's) dream holiday snaps fill up your timeline can be disheartening when you have no such illustrious plans on the horizon. If this is a regular theme in your online world, now is definitely the time to start hatching your own holiday plans, by whatever means works best for you.

9. You think you might be suffering from SAD.

Most of us can relate to feeling a bit down during the winter months, and in most of the UK, that gloominess can continue long after spring has officially kicked in. Light exposure is the best known cure, so if you think you might be a sufferer ask yourself this: would you rather treat your condition with a lamp or with a few weeks on the beach?

10. You're bored of the same old places to eat, drink and hang out

However much you love your friends, family, local eateries and bars, there's a natural inclination to go and try out something new from time to time. A holiday allows you to discover new cultures, cuisines, languages and more, and it's almost impossible to go away without learning something new about the world and your place within it. Don't resist this natural urge to learn and discover new places: remember travel is said to be the one thing you can buy that makes you richer.

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Written by Abi Silvester, a London-based writer and editor with a passion for great food, fine wine, coffee and cats; always planning my next trip! Follow her on Twitter.