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10 Things We Love About Brits

The people of Britain have faced some troubling times lately, so today we look to the positives.

Never beaten on price

We like to think that there are many things that make Britain great and at the very heart of it are the people and their unique quirks. Here are some of our favourite things about Brits.

1. Almost any problem can be solved with a cuppa.

Top 10 things we love about brits

Feeling poorly? Have a cuppa tea. Lost your job? Have a cuppa tea. Got the holiday blues? Have a cuppa tea.

2. We're so 'polite' that passive aggression is our form of confrontation.

Top 10 things we love about brits

Debates seldom happen unless they're about how to make a proper cuppa or which Costa del Sol resort is best.

3. We're sorry for everything.

Top 10 things we love about brits

We're so endearingly polite that we're martyrs when it comes to our manners. E.g. Someone knocks you over coming off the Tube and you're sorry for being in their way.

4. It's totally acceptable to lie in until midday on a Sunday.

Top 10 things we love about brits

Clearly, the American media underestimate our love for lazy Sundays.

5. Queues make us feel safe.

Top 10 things we love about brits

To all Brits being part of a well-formed, orderly queue is like reaching Nirvana. Go through security at Gatwick. We'll show you how it's done.

6. Moaning about the weather.

Top 10 things we love about brits

We moan when it's too hot. We moan when it's cold. The only thing we love more than our temperamental climate is moaning about it.

7. A good ol' BBQ.

Top 10 things we love about brits

Come rain or shine we will be flipping burgers throughout the summer.

8. The Royal Family.

Top 10 things we love about brits

Whether you're an ardent royalist or a rallying republican, Brits harbour a special place for the Royals... usually commemorative plates above the mantle piece.

9. Marmite.

Top 10 things we love about brits

Love it or hate it, Britain's favourite brand of yeast extract is the staple of any self-respecting pantry.

10. We know how to look after each other.

Top 10 things we love about brits

The past three months have shown us that despite everything, we know how to remain vigilant, united and typically British. When faced with hate, we will always keep calm and carry on.

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Written by Daniel Arthur, product reviewer and YouTube presenter for Holiday Extras.