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Our Top Travel Bloggers To Follow In 2018

Following these accounts will induce serious travel envy

Never beaten on price

The days of creating an itinerary by googling the top things to do are over. Thanks to Instagram, it's easier than ever to find hidden gems, quirky cafes and picture perfect locations. We've compiled a list of our favourite Instagrammers to follow in 2018 who are guaranteed to give you ideas for your next trip. Please note: the images used belong to the bloggers mentioned.

1. Girl vs Globe

Sabina has a pretty huge following, and looking at her feed it is clear to see why! Born in Czech Republic and currently living in Vienna, Sabina has a wealth of knowledge on European travel. The thing we love most about Sabina? She is a huge advocate of responsible tourism and sets a great example for her followers. In fact, we were lucky enough to visit Turkey with her in summer of 2017! You can find out more about that here. To follow Sabina on her travels, check out her Instagram feed here!

Girl vs Globe is one of Holiday Extras' top travel bloggers to follow in 2018

2. Black Voyageurs

Black Voyageurs is a community of African travelers run by Xavier Owen. Xavier has lived in 13 countries and counting! His favourite place in the world is Zanzibar, Tanzania. So far, anyway! Xavier's top travel hack? Use airmiles! He even managed to rack up 250,000 at one point... Phew! Check out the Black Voyageurs Instagram feed here.

Black Voyageurs is one of Holiday Extras' top Instagram pages to follow in 2018

3. The Sweet Wanderlust

Brittany is a travel blogger from Texas and has just visited her 54th country. Her blog is for people with a sweet tooth and a taste for adventure! She loves bungee jumping, scuba diving and finding OTT freakshakes! I mean, who doesn't?! Her favourite countries are Israel, Italy and New Zealand. Her top travel hack? Use Pinterest to plan your trips. That means that when trips become a reality, all research is in one place! Smart. Check out her Instagram here.

The sweet wanderlust is one of Holiday Extras' top Instagram pages to follow in 2018

4. The Intrepid Guide

If you want tips on learning a language, Michele's blog is where you need to be. Born in Australia but living in London, she's travelled far and wide and has the knowledge to prove it. She loves learning when she's travelling, whether it’s history, quirky facts, etymology or language! Her number one travel hack? Book your travel plans on a Tuesday or Wednesday - those days tend to be much cheaper. Check out her Instagram here.

Michele from the Intrepid Guide is one of Holiday Extras' top Instagram pages to follow in 2018

5. First Class Lounge

First class lounge is a rapidly expanding travel and lifestyle blog focusing on reviewing the best experiences and destinations, run by Pauline Newman. So if you're looking for a bit of luxury from your holiday, check out Pauline's recommendations. She may appreciate the finer things in life but she's also pretty savvy. To get the best out of your trip, she advises to pack light. After all, if you're missing anything you can always use that as an excuse to go shopping! Check out her Instagram here.

First Class Lounge is one of Holiday Extras' top Instagram pages to follow in 2018

6. Brogan Abroad

Fancy exploring solo in 2018? Teresa Gomez has an article for that. Teresa is a female travel blogger that enjoys the less known aspects of popular destinations.She's recently been exploring in one of our favourite countries; Romania. You can check out some impressive pics from her trip on her Instagram feed here.

Brogan Abroad is one of Holiday Extras' top Instagram pages to follow in 2018

7. Rexy Edventures

Ed is a Northerner who's looking for the thrill of adventure and discovering unexpected places and activities on a budget. Ed also writes about travelling while deaf and aims to inspire any deaf person to pick up a rucksack and see the world. On top of all of that, he's also pretty cool to hang out with. His top tip for travelling? Always bring emergency underpants! Solid advice there, Ed. Check out his Instagram feed here.

Rexy Edventures is one of Holiday Extras' top bloggers to follow in 2018

8. Roaming Required

This awesome Aussie couple are an inspiration to us all! Roma and Russell try to see as much of the world as possible whilst both holding down 9-5 jobs. Their favourite country ever is Italy and they love a good city break or road trip. Their top travel hack? Pack a powerstrip/powerboard in your carry on - only 1 power point and 1 travel adapter required! Smart. Check out their Instagram here.

Roaming Required are one of Holiday Extras' top bloggers to follow in 2018

9. Eboni Ivory.

Eboni Dixon is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger from London and is a true style guru! If you're after inspiration for your next holiday outfit then Eboni is the lady to look to. Her top travel tip? Use couchsurfing, and bla bla car! Make sure you follow her on Instagram as she'll soon be exploring Italy, LA, San Francisco and Vegas. You can find her on Instagram here.

Eboni Ivory is one of Holiday Extras' top Instagram pages to follow in 2018

10. The Wandering Quinn

Ellie is originally from Northamptonshire and moved to London last year. She's a total travel addict and have been to 45 countries so far despite having a full-time job! Her favourite country so far is Thailand although, after visiting so many, it was hard for her to choose... Her top travel tip? Decide what's important to you. Don't try and do everything - just go and enjoy yourself!

Check out her Instagram here. The Wandering Quinn is one of Holiday Extras' top Instagram pages to follow in 2018

11. The Curious Explorers

Claire and Danik were once two individual bloggers, but combined their blogs when they became a couple. Cute, huh? They love activity holidays so if that's your kinda thing you should definitely be following these two! Their favourite country so far is Poland. Their top travel hack? No matter what happens, keep smiling. What is a disaster at the time will eventually become an epic travel story! True words. You can find them on Instagram here.

The Curious Explorers are one of Holiday Extras' top bloggers to follow in 2018

11. Travel With Mansoureh

Mansoureh is an Iranian travel blogger and vlogger based in London. She travels with her husband, Bruno, from Italy. They're both nature enthusiasts who believe that having a full-time job should never stop you from seeing the world. Their favourite countries are Italy and Turkey. Check out their Instagram here.

Travel With Mansoureh is one of Holiday Extras' top bloggers to follow in 2018

So that's our round up of travel bloggers to follow in 2018. Have you got a favourite blogger you follow? Let us know about them on our Facebook page.

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Written by Caroline Adams: social media expert at Holiday Extras with a passion for travel, sustainable living and cats.

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