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Discover live traffic updates for Luton Airport with Waze

Keep up-to-date with real-time traffic alerts for Luton Airport 24-hours a day.

Keep on top of your time-keeping with the latest live traffic reports from London Luton Airport using the handy Waze map tool below. You can view real-time traffic updates based on Waze's real-time map data, also available on Waze's Luton Airport live map.

Don't miss a flight by downloading the Waze app (links below) and you'll discover the best routes to the airport, as well as receive the latest traffic news, 24-hours-a-day with reports on traffic hazards, roadworks and more at the airport.

See Live Traffic Data

Download the Waze app on Android or iPhone for live traffic alerts

Receive important updates free-of-charge for the traffic at Luton Airport by downloading the Waze navigation app on either your Android or iOS device.

Top reasons to use the Waze app

  • You'll receive instant traffic alerts & see real-time road conditions at Luton Airport
  • Waze navigates you around road hazards in real-time, including traffic jams
  • You'll never miss a flight, with a reliable ETA that updates throughout your route
  • There's an integrated speedometer with alerts, so you won't have to pay unexpected fines!
  • Locate the cheapest petrol stations and customise your app to your car
  • Sync the Waze app with your Google or Facebook Calendar, so you're not late for your flight