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Top Beach Holidays in Palma

Famed for its almost guaranteed summer sun, Palma is the ideal place to visit for engaging in a variety of beach activities. At Holiday Extras we provide airport transfers to enable you to maximise time spent enjoying yourself. Read on to find out some of our suggestions for how best to spend your time on the beach.

Stand up paddle board

Why not appreciate the fantastic scenery of the capital from the glistening Mediterranean itself? Paddle boarding is easy to pick up and a good way of keeping fit while on holiday. Boards are stable and sturdy, and training is provided to ensure you don't have any hairy moments out on the waves.

Scuba Diving

If you want to discover the stunning underwater world of the Bay of Palma then scuba diving might be for you. Whether you're a total beginner or experienced diver, seeing up close the rich flora and fauna, as well as some endangered species, is not to be missed. Seasoned experts might even fancy diving through the four shipwrecks located near to the harbour. With one such wreck sixty metres in length, and with a variety of species having made it their home, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for any experienced diver.


For an adrenaline fuelled trip along the coast, taking in the sights of the stunning Cathedral and Royal Palace, a guided jet-ski tour around the Bay of Palma is perfect for the thrill-seeking adventurer. Experienced guides are on hand to assist you as you speed over the Mediterranean waves, observing the local beauty spots in style.

Beach bars

Whether it's an early morning yoga session followed by a spot of brunch, or partying into the early hours to the tunes of top European DJs, Palma provides a huge range of beach bars and clubs to cater for all travellers. There are relaxation areas aplenty with wellness centres, hammocks and comfortable sunbeds, the perfect place for getting immersed in your latest holiday read, or sipping a champagne cocktail as the sun goes down.

However you wish to make the most of your time in Mallorca's capital, Holiday Extras will provide you with your Palma airport transfers, making your transit one less thing to worry about.