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Top Adventure Holidays in Palma

Exhilarating activities are usually even more enjoyable when skies are blue and the sun is shining, which is something that is pretty much guaranteed all year round in Palma. And this Majorcan resort's fascinating landscapes and glistening ocean waters provide the perfect place to indulge in all manner of adrenaline-pumping pursuits. Before you finalise your holiday plans, be sure to check out our Palma airport transfers. They're a sure way to get your Balearic Island getaway off to the best possible start.

Off road

Jump in a jeep with some pals and take a trek around the awesome mountain range that is Serra de Tramuntana. Traverse rugged terrain and potholes aplenty in the company of an experienced driver and guide who will make sure you take in every point of interest.

Quad squad

You and your fellow travellers might just get a kick out a different kind of all-terrain vehicle. A quad bike will enable you to take the rough with the smooth, while barely noticing the difference. Whether you choose to travel over the sands of nearby Platja de Sant Elm, hit Palma's dirt tracks or navigate the rugged Sierra Tramuntana trail, you're sure to have a blast.

Sky high

Why not explore Palma and the surrounding area with a helicopter? After all, what other mode of transport makes it so easy to cover both land and sea? And, of course, the views afforded are simply outstanding. A number of flight paths begin in Palma so you won't be short of aerial options.

Explore within

Whether you choose to go sea caving or canyoning, you'll be able to enjoy parts of Palma that the majority of its visitors will never get to experience. Navigate gorges, discover spectacular caves, see flora and fauna in its natural habitat and take the opportunity to swim in the rarefied waters of a secluded lagoon.

Go deeper

Do you like the idea of investigating what lies beneath the waves of the Mediterranean Sea? The easiest and cheapest way to enjoy sub-aqua exploration is by snorkelling but if you want to spend more time underwater, scuba diving is the best solution. You can take advantage of one of many diving centres that are located in the area, each providing the chance to witness an underwater world of exotic sea life, coral reefs and fascinating wrecks.

Whichever corner of the globe you choose for your next adventure, don't forget to take advantage of our airport transfers. Our cost-effective, stress-free shuttle service will provide you with the best possible start to your adventure holiday. We offer a wide range of vehicle options, from shared shuttles to private cars and minibuses to get you to your resort in comfort and at competitive prices.