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Tips for Single Travellers Over 60 in Palma

Palma is a friendly, cosmopolitan city that attracts huge numbers of visitors throughout the year. Before you make your trip, be sure to take advantage of ourPalma airport transfers.

Is Palma safe?

Short answer: yes. However, common sense should always prevail. Just like any other densely populated town or city, Palma has its share of petty criminality. The main thing to guard against is opportunistic pickpocketing. It's the sort of thing that is practised by people that always have their eyes trained on open handbags, wallets protruding from back pockets and smartphones lying on café tables. Make sure that you keep anything that you consider to be valuable out of sight as much as you possibly can. And when day turns to night, it's best to avoid dark alleyways or empty narrow streets, much as you would do in any other part of the world.

How accommodating?

There are plenty of options when it comes to staying in Palma, including hotels, guest houses apartments and hostels. Wherever you stay, you probably won't wish to pay more than is necessary, which means checking before booking to see if your accommodation of choice levies a single occupancy fee. While you're at it, find out if complimentary Wi-Fi is included.

Getting around

You should find the majority of Palma's attractions easy to reach under your own steam. That said, the city's public transport system is extensive, which means there are regular buses that serve the whole city, and many of the towns and villages beyond.

Stay in contact

If you have close friends and/or family members that are worried about you travelling alone, give them peace of mind by letting them know about your itinerary. It's not necessary to provide a minute-by-minute plan for each day you send in Palma but a rough idea of where you intend to go should alleviate any concerns. Of course, posting photographs on social media in real time is a fun way for the people that care about you to keep tabs on you.

Meeting people

If you are visiting the city with the intention of making fresh acquaintances, you've chosen well. Palma is a vibrant melting pot of a place, full of friendly locals – and visitors that are just looking to have a nice time. In Palma, it's easy enough to strike up a conversation if you have the inclination. You needn't worry about speaking good Spanish but making the effort to at least learn a handful of basic phrases will make people all the more disposed towards you.

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