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Seasonal Activities in Krakow

No matter what time of year you choose to visit Poland's second largest city, you'll always have lots to do and see. As part of your holiday preparations, be sure to check out our Krakow airport transfers. Pre-book with us and arrive in your destination, safe in the knowledge that our airport shuttle service will be ready and waiting to convey you to your accommodation.


Poland is a predominantly Catholic country, which means that Easter is very much a major cause of celebration in this part of the world. About 12 days before Easter Sunday, a traditional market is set up on Rynek G?ówny, which is the main square of the city's historic Old Town. For the duration of the Easter festivities, you'll be able to buy pisanka (brightly-coloured, ornamental eggs) and other decorations. All manner of handmade items, sweets, cakes and fresh produce will be on sale, too.


If you're heading to the city during the summer, it's an excellent time to take advantage of the nice weather and visit all of Kraków's must-see landmarks. Use Rynek G?ówny as your starting point and you'll be able to cover a lot more ground. Between the famous old square and the splendidly Gothic Wawel Royal Castle, there's much to be discovered.


Taking in the sights of the city is usually just as pleasant at this time of year, too. However, you might also consider enjoying some day trips. For example, a 40-minute bus journey south of Kraków will take you to Kopalnia soli Wieliczka, a salt mine in the town of Wieliczka. This UNESCO-registered site is one of Poland's biggest tourist attractions, providing visitors with access to a vast, underground world. Be prepared, though, for lots of steps and walking – but it'll be worth it, not least for the opportunity to stumble upon a subterranean cathedral.


Since Easter is a very big deal in Poland, it's no surprise to learn that Christmas is likewise one of the most important dates in the calendar. While it might be the coldest time of year to visit Kraków, the warmth generated by the sheer number of festivities should be more than enough to compensate

A major Christmas market runs from 30th November to 26th December, once again taking place on Rynek G?ówny. You'll get the chance to browse numerous wooden stalls that sell a wide variety of Christmas products, such as handmade toys, sweet treats and delicious beverages. There's every chance that your Christmas visit to Kraków will be a white one, too.

Wherever you choose to take your next holiday, don't forget to take advantage of our airport transfers.