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Safety Tips When Travelling to Palma

When you're going on holiday to somewhere new (or even returning to a favourite place), it's good to be aware of potential pitfalls. The excitement of being away from the everyday can take over, so we've thought of some safety tips when travelling to Palma. The first is to pre-book one of ourairport transfers. This is a reliable way to be collected at the airport and taken straight to your accommodation.

In the sun

How many times have you forgotten to put on sun cream and ended up a bright shade of red? These days, we know more and more about sun skin damage, so buying (and wearing) sun lotion is important. In the height of summer (June-August), Palma gets about 11 hours of sun per day, and temperatures can reach average highs of 29?C. The sun is hottest at midday, so another safety tip is to always remember to take light layers and a hat with you and cover up your head and body at around lunchtime.

Out and about

Palma is generally a very safe place for families and children, as the crime rate is quite low. That's no reason to let your guard down, though. As with any busy destination, be aware of your surroundings. In crowds, keep your valuables close at hand – store things in front and inside pockets where possible, and make sure bags aren't easy to snatch. Most hotels and villas will have safes for personal belongings. A lot of Spain, including Palma, has scam artists acting as street performers who then prey on tourists who are caught up in watching the show. These are rare, but worth knowing about.

Useful information

Palma Hospitals

  • Cliníca Juaneda Carrer de Company, 30, 07014
  • Phone number: +34 971 73 16 47
  • Policlinica Miramar Camí de la Vileta, 30, 07011
  • Phone number: +34 971 76 70 00

Palma Tourist information

  • OIT Municipal Palma Head Office Parc de les Estacions Plaça d'Espanya 07002
  • Phone number: +34 902 102 365
  • OIT Municipal Palma Casal Solleric Passeig des Born 27 07012
  • Phone number: +34 902 102 365

British Consulate in Palma

Carrer dels Caputxins, 4, 07002


Phone number: +34 933 666 6200

Useful telephone numbers in Palma

Emergencies (police, ambulance, fire): 112

Local police: 092

Local firefighters: 080

Now you've got some information at hand, our last tip is to book ourPalma airport transfers. Choose a shared shuttle bus or perhaps a private car to transport you from the airport to your door.