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Industry Innovations 'hugely Important'

It is "hugely important" for airlines to innovate and show that progress can be made in the aviation industry to combat climate change, Virgin Atlantic has claimed.

Paul Charles, director of communications for the airline, said that Virgin itself is addressing the issue through its partnership with Boeing and engine-maker GE, which is expected to lead to a demonstration next year of a plane powered by biofuel.

He said that, if the demonstration is a success, it could lead to substantial benefits as wider use of naturally derived fuels would reduce emissions across the industry.

"It's hugely important to innovate and to show what can be done to combat climate change," Mr Charles added.

"Aviation is a small contributor to climate change and the industry needs to show what can be done. It's extremely important to find new clean fuel and new technologies which will help to reduce carbon emissions."

Virgin Atlantic will announce further details of its biofuel test flight later this year.

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