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Swiss Announces Fleet Overhaul

National carrier Swiss Airlines has announced that it will invest over 1 billion Swiss francs (£424 million) in a renewal of its fleet.

The airline said that the money will be used to replace nine of its 11 Airbus A330-200s with larger and more advanced A330-300 models.

First class cabins will be provided throughout the operator's long-haul fleet with the entry of the new aircraft and Swiss will become the only airline in the world to offer a first class option to all its long-haul destinations.

Due to their higher capacity, the new aircraft will enable Swiss to carry more long-haul passengers and also achieve a 13 per cent reduction in the CO2 emissions of its A330 fleet.

Christoph Franz, the carrier's chief executive officer, said: "Swiss is investing in modernising and enlarging its fleet.

"And it's our improved profitability that has given us this scope to ensure that we remain wholly competitive in the longer term. Swiss is growing steadily and sustainably."

The airline also has plans to add four more Airbus A320 planes to its European operations over the coming years.

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