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Independent Travel Agents 'more Flexible'

A member of the travel industry has claimed that independent travel agents enjoy more flexibility than major chains.

Independent travel agents enjoy more flexibility in terms of the product they can offer customers than large chains, it has been claimed.

Sean Tipton, a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), said that smaller firms are not restricted in their use of suppliers as some major companies can be.

He also said that independent agents have more freedom to experiment in the market and offer tailored products.

"If you are an independent travel agent you can sell whatever you like. You are not restricted to using certain suppliers," Mr Tipton said.

"You can also go out there and put together you own package. Whereas if you're owned by one of the bigger companies you are, of course, more inclined to sell their product."

However the Abta spokesperson also suggested that larger companies could gain a benefit from their more significant online presence, as many customers prefer the convenience of the internet and believe it may offer cheaper deals.

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