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E-ticketing 'a Simpler Process'

The promotion of e-ticketing in the travel industry is a positive development as it will make the travel process for passengers and airlines easier, Virgin Atlantic has claimed.

Last month the International Air Transport Association (Iata) announced that it had made its final order for paper tickets to be used by the 60,000 Iata-accredited agents around the world.

Anna Knowles, spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic, said the promotion of online ticket delivery would lead to a "simpler process" for all involved in the booking.

She added: "It benefits both the airline and its passengers, as e-tickets allow the airline and passengers more flexibility and it is how our passengers expect to receive their tickets."

Ms Knowles also explained that the check-in process is currently being improved thanks to new technology, with self-service and online check-in facilities available with airlines such as Virgin Atlantic.

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