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Ryanair 'leaving BA Behind'

Budget airline Ryanair has boasted that it is leaving British Airways "far behind" in terms of passenger numbers following its busiest ever month.

The operator carried over 4.8 million passengers in August and now claims to handle 55 per cent more passengers than BA.

Peter Sherrard, head of communications for Ryanair, claimed that the airline is now the "passengers' favourite" and criticised BA for its charges and delays.

"The combination of British Airways' high fares, fuel surcharges and frequent delays has prompted British passengers to choose Ryanair in record numbers, leaving British Airways floundering as Ryanair flies high as the world's favourite airline," he said.

To "celebrate" its recent passenger figures, Ryanair said that it was giving away six million 'free' seats, with £10 in taxes and charges to be paid.

These tickets will only be available for one-way journeys.

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