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Responsible Travel 'a Fuller Experience'

The practice of so-called 'responsible' travelling – where holidaymakers take sociological and environmental concerns into account when choosing their location – offers a more inclusive and rewarding experience than simply heading for popular spots, it has been claimed.

According to, the practice is suited to people who are looking for a new and original experience.

Krissy Pentland, spokesperson for the group, said: "Responsible travel suits life's curious adventurers and enthusiasts. It's a new way of travelling for those who've had enough of mass tourism.

"If you travel for relaxation, fulfilment, discovery, adventure and to learn – rather than simply to tick off 'places and things' – then responsible travel is for you."

One of the central values of responsible tourism is authenticity, Ms Pentland claimed, and the pursuit of experiences that are linked to local life and culture, rather than those created to cater for the travel market.

She revealed that the most popular destinations for 'responsible' holidays are Thailand, India, Egypt, Kenya and England.

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