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Holidaymakers Opts For Road Trips

More and more people from the UK setting out on the open road in search of adventure as part of their holiday, new research indicates.

Halifax has found that over 17.5 million Brits have taken a holiday road trip in the last year. For some this meant an iconic drive along Route 66 in the US, while for others it was simply a domestic caravan holiday in Skegness.

In total, holidaymakers from the UK drove over 15 billion miles last year - with each person typically clocking up 861 miles per holiday.

The majority of UK drivers revealed that took their driving holiday in Europe, but an adventurous 89,000 said that they spent their vacation cruising around Africa in their motor.

"From Easy Rider to Road Trip, popular culture has glamorised heading out on the open road," explained Paul Birkhead, senior manager of pricing and underwriting for Halifax Travel Insurance.

"Millions of Britons have been inspired to hit the highway and embrace the freedom provided by a holiday road trip.

"Halifax Travel Insurance advises Britons heading abroad on a road trip to familiarise themselves with the rules of the road."

Recently, research from MINTEL suggested that many Brits have also decided to provide the power for the road trip themselves and opt for a cycling holiday.

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