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Eco-tourism Is Becoming Easier

It is now very easy to find information about responsible tourism on the internet and in guide books, meaning that holidaymakers have no excuse not to travel in an ethical manner.

That's the opinion of John Faithfull, a project manager at Trips Worldwide. He explained holidaymakers should always do their research and try not to stay in hotels which harm the local environment.

"There is absolutely no reason why you can't travel ethically and responsibly if you travel independently," Mr Faithfull said.

"There is so much information available from Grassroots, Lonely Planet, their website the Thorn Tree; there is a huge range of guide books and information telling you how you can create that impact with your travels."

Mr Faithfull added that it was generally older holidaymakers who took the time to research their trip and make sure it was as environmentally friendly as possible.

However, he did allow that the 20 to 35 age group was becoming increasingly interested in eco-tourism.

A recent report from MINTEL suggested that more and more Britons were opting for cycle holidays in the UK because they were concerned about their impact on the environment.

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