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More flights from Belfast

Irish carrier Aer Lingus has released further details of the flights it will offer from its new hub at Belfast International Airport.

The airline announced yesterday (August 7th) that it would fly from the Northern Irish hub to Heathrow and Amsterdam.

Now, it has provided more details about these services and revealed that it will offer six other routes from the airport.

Flights from Belfast to London Heathrow will commence on January 14th and there will be a total of 21 weekly flights.

The route to Amsterdam launched on December 10th with 14 weekly flights.

In addition, Aer Lingus will fly from Belfast to Barcelona, Geneva, Rome, Budapest, Malaga and Faro.

While Aer Lingus' decision to cancel its service from Shannon to the UK to make room for new flights from Belfast has drawn criticism from some, the investment in the airport has been welcomed by Northern Irish officials.

Thomas Burns, the SDLP MLA for South Antrim, said: "The big winners will be the travelling public because there will now be serious competition for airline customers in Northern Ireland.

"This will drive down prices. Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Jet2, bmi and easyjet will all be competing against each other on several routes."

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