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APD 'hit domestic passengers hardest'

This year's increase of Air Passenger Duty (APD) has had its biggest effect on domestic passengers, an industry expert has said.

In February this year, APD, the charge levied on passengers flying from a UK airport, was doubled - a move which sparked criticism from many airlines.

Now, a spokesperson from British Airways has said that domestic passengers have been hardest hit by the increase in APD - as they have to effectively "pay twice".

He explained: "I think in terms of the passenger experience the increase has affected domestic passengers more adversely than perhaps anyone else.

"As the tax is collected on all flights departing the UK, domestic passengers are forced to pay twice."

The spokesperson added that many passengers would be happier about APD if the revenues were being spent on reducing the environmental impact of aviation.

"As we said at the time, if this money was used in order to alleviate that, to try and help in some way, then obviously you can see the point of it," he said.

"We say people are a bit more aware of these issues, but if the money's not going to be used for that, then I think that it will continue to be unpopular."

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