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Tony Blair 'should make long-weekends mandatory'

As Tony Blair hands over the role of prime minister, a new survey has revealed what people from the UK think Mr Blair should do with his last minute in power.

The data, gathered by, shows that most people would like Mr Blair to give them more time to holiday by creating a four-day working week.

Indeed, 41 per cent of people would like Mr Blair to make it easier for them to take short breaks by changing workplace laws to give them a three-day weekend.

Furthermore, the study showed that people would also like Mr Blair to spend his last minute in power making it cheaper for them to head off on a vacation - one of the other popular things suggested was to scrap airport taxes.

However, another recent survey showed that UK holidaymakers are not too concerned about taxes preventing them flying. Just 30 per cent of people said that higher taxes on low-cost airlines would stop them flying as much as the currently do.

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