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Ryanair customers happy

Ryanair, Europe's largest low-cost carrier, has revealed that more of its planes departed and landed on time in May.

The airline's most recent customer satisfaction study shows that 90 per cent of flights arrived on time - compared to 87 per cent in May 2006.

According to the airline, this means that more of its flights arrived on time than its rival easyJet managed.

However, Ryanair did admit that the number of customer complaints it received did increase in May. The airline said that complaints rose from 0.49 per 1,000 passengers in May 2006 to 0.58 this year.

In contrast, the number of passengers complaining about lost or damaged luggage decreased last month. In May, the airline received 0.36 complaints of this nature per 1,000 passengers - 0.3 less than a year ago.

A recent Ryanair promotion saw a Bristol student win £1,000 for managing to stand on his head for the longest time. The campaign aimed to highlight how the low-cost carrier was turning "air fares in the Midlands on their heads" by offering cheap seats.