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Seat-back adverts on flights

One of Europe's leading low-cost carriers has announced that it has signed a deal to allow adverts to appear inside five of its aircrafts.

The airline said that Creative - a world-leading provider of digital entertainment products - will launch a pan-European advertising campaign through Inviseo Media on selected Ryanair flights.

The advertising will be delivered though the 'Inviseo Table' - a backrest tray-table set integrated advertising panel for printed advertisements. Creative will be the first company to invest in this advertising medium.

"We look forward to welcoming Creative on board and working with them to lower fares while they maximise sales through unrivalled access to millions of Ryanair passengers every year," commented Ryanair's Peter Sherrard.

"Our media communicates with consumers in an informative and engaging way and provides advertisers with a truly captive audience," explained Dominic Stead, the chief executive of Inviseo Media.

Earlier this week, Ryanair revealed that its profits increased by 33 per cent in the year to the end of March.

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