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Airline gets more planes

Silverjet - an airline which offers business-class only flights between London and New York - has revealed that it plans to acquire two new planes.

The airline announced that it expects to take delivery of the Boeing 767-200 extended-range aircraft in March 2008. The move means that the company - which launched its first flight earlier this year - will have a fleet of five aircraft by next year.

While Silverjet currently only flies between London Luton Airport and New York Newark, the airline suggested that it could expand its services and offer routes to places like Delhi, Johannesburg, Mauritius, Shanghai or the West Coast of the US.

"With these five aircraft we are on track to operate ten aircraft within three years," explained Lawrence Hunt, chief executive of Silverjet.

"These aircraft have the more powerful engine type which will enable us to fly to destinations in India, China, South Africa as well as the West Coast of the USA with 100 passengers from our unique terminal facility at London Luton Airport."

Earlier this week, the airline also revealed that it has already taken delivery of a new craft, which will be used to operate a second daily service between Luton and New York.

On its launch, Silverjet stated that it wanted to become the world's first carbon neutral airline.