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Recession hits honeymoons

Newly-married couples are opting for trips of less than two weeks to celebrate their nuptials during the economic downturn, according to new research by and Wedding Ideas magazine.

Named 'minimoons', it is thought that shorter breaks are becoming increasingly popular with cash-conscious couples trying to budget.

The poll of Wedding Ideas magazine readers found that more than three quarters (77%) of couples are planning a short honeymoon, with 30% of these thinking of going away for less than one week.

Worries about cash (74%) and work commitments (56%) were the main reasons given for cutting back on the traditional romantic fortnight.

Rachel Moschke, Editor of Wedding Ideas magazine, said: "Most of us worry about saving up for our wedding day, but it seems we’re reluctant to give up the quality time together that a honeymoon offers. A minimoon is the perfect way to start married life, without busting the budget."

The survey results also highlighted a change in the usual departure time for a honeymoon: 28% of those questioned are considering waiting for a few weeks or months before jetting off, with 57% still planning on the traditional reception night farewell.

Honeymoon budgets per person range from £500 (19%), £500-£1000 (27%), to an extravagant £2,000+ (17%). Long-haul destinations are still popular with 54% of couples surveyed. But 18% are planning a mid-haul trip to a country such as Egypt, Turkey or Morocco, 19% are mini-mooning in Europe and 9% are planning a UK break.

Alison Couper, Communications Director for, said: "A honeymoon is an important part of getting married and we’re not surprised to see that people would rather downsize their trip than not go at all. Whether newlyweds decide to shorten their honeymoon to a ‘minimoon’ or stay the traditional fortnight but drop a hotel star rating, there are some fantastic deals to be had. There are savings of up to 50% off in the current summer sale, so honeymooners should take advantage."

Written by: Maxine Clarke

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