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Majorca Weather

Majorca's weather varies from mild to glorious throughout the year, so you'll always be able to enjoy your time out and about on the island. August is the hottest month and January is coldest – but still warm enough for a winter trip away. Learn more about Majorcan weather below and don't forget to book your airport transfers from us, no matter the time of year.


Coming out of the winter months, spring in Majorca is gearing up for warmer temperatures. With average highs of 19?C and lows of 7?C, spring sees a lot of variation in climate, but visit towards the end of the season for better temperatures. There are only about four days of rain in spring, so use your time to get around the island – take in Serra de Tramuntana to the north of the island or Mondragó Natural Park to the south.


The Mediterranean weather peaks during the summer months. Expect the heat to reach an average of about 30?C with roughly 10 hours of sunshine per day. Though the weather is beautiful, don't forget to take precautions in the sun: pack sun cream, light layers and a hat, and be sure to find the shade when the sun's at its highest around lunchtime.


The beginning of autumn sees an overflow from the hot summer months – September still reaches temperatures in the late 20s, and overall the average hovers around 22?C. There are about four days of rain each month from September-November, as well as six hours of sunshine per day. You can still hike and see the beaches, just bring a jumper.


Winter is the coldest time of year in Majorca – temperatures fall to around 16?C and there are periods of strong wind and occasional rain. The mountains of Serra de Tramuntana often have snow on their peaks, so instead of trekking we recommend taking in the local culture. Take a day trip to Palma to see Museu Fundación Juan March for modern art or Manacor for the Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience.

Now you know what the weather is likely to be, get booking your Majorca holiday. Start with your Majorca airport transfers. With Holiday Extras, you can choose from a private car, shuttle or shared bus to take you from the airport to your accommodation.