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Majorca Solo Holiday Tips

Travelling alone is a blessing. If you want to lie in, you can. If you want to be out and about at the crack of dawn, that's your decision. As an island full of history and culture, Majorca is a great place to be visiting alone. Read on for our Majorca solo holiday tips, but don't forget your airport transfers to get you from the airport to your accommodation safely.

Enjoy some peace and quiet

With 262 beaches across the island, Majorca has plenty of spots that are perfect for a tranquil afternoon under the sun. If you're on holiday to escape the bustle of everyday life, seek out Cala Llamp to the west of the island – 100m of shoreline beside calm waters. Or go for Cala Torta, at the eastern tip for a near-deserted white-sand beach and crystal tides.

Or get mingling

If you're feeling sociable, book onto one of Majorca's many tours. Try No Frills Excursions who put on a Majorca in One Day sightseeing tour with a boat and vintage train ride or check out Tour2b who have a full-day trip round the eastern coast taking in the Cuevas del Drach. There are also plenty of bike, gastro and wine tours to choose from.

Learn a new hobby

The beaches on Majorca's coast are packed with places to teach you some new skills. You can go for a scuba diving lesson to scour the ocean floor for bright sea life or try stand-up paddleboarding and windsurfing as well. For a bird's-eye view of the island, look for a company that does flyboarding – and get your adrenaline truly pumping.

Keep active

See Majorca on two wheels by hiring a bike and taking off on some of the coastal paths that circle the island. Whizzing along with the warm breeze in your hair is a great way to spend some time alone – plus you can stop off at beaches along the way and take advantage of all the ice cream shops and bars they have to offer.

Treat yourself

Majorca is the ideal place for a solo holiday if you're a foodie. Seafood, suckling pig and paella are all big draws. Choose one of the area's Michelin-starred restaurants or make like the locals and pop into a traditionally Mediterranean place up a cobbled street. If you can't indulge on a solo holiday, when can you? You can also treat yourself to one of our Majorca airport transfers, whether that's a private car or shared shuttle bus.