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Restaurants and bars at Luton airport

If you fancy some food or a drink before you catch your flight, you're in luck at Luton airport. The airport has 14 restaurants, cafes and bars, so whether you fancy an Italian meal, some Asian cuisine, a coffee and a cake or a smoothie and a bagel, you'll find it on offer.

There are outlets in the check-in area, the departure lounge and the arrivals hall, plus Caffe Nero just outside the terminal. With the exception of Asian takeaway Yam Yam To Go, which opens at 10am, all are open by 5am and close sometime in the evening. Costa Coffee and The Real Food Company are open 24 hours a day.

Dining in Est Restaurant The Real Food Company
Takeaways Yam Yam To Go
Light snacks and fast food Burger King The Food Village Krispy Kreme Pip Pret A Manger
Bars and coffee houses Bar des Voyageurs Cafe Bar Caffe Nero Costa Coffee Est Bar Starbucks