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Local food to eat in Tenerife

Picture the scene: you've arrived in Tenerife, having booked one of our airport transfers to get to your accommodation. But you're hungry and you decide to explore the local eateries in search of a tasty bite to eat. Where do you start? It is true that Tenerife caters to British tourists in a big way – resulting in a string of restaurants serving roast beef, full English breakfasts and bacon butties – but there is also plenty of delicious and authentic Canarian food to be found.

Because of its location, Tenerife is influenced by Spain, Africa and Latin America in its cuisine. In Tenerife you'll find dishes packed with herbs and spices, as well as high-quality cheeses and honey, and fine local wines. Here are some island specialities to look out for:

Unusual meat dishes

Many restaurants in Tenerife boast a variety of hearty stews, made with meat that is often imported from mainland Spain or South America. Dishes featuring carne de cabra - or goat meat - are a must for adventurous holidaymakers, as these feature on many authentic Tenerife menus.

Fish, fish, fish

Tenerife has a rich aquatic life on its shores, so hungry diners can enjoy a huge variety of fresh fish and seafood, from squid, mussels and oysters to crabs and lobsters. If you are unsure where to start, consider ordering a seafood paraillada – a mixed grill that should satisfy even the largest of appetites. Other highlights include cazuela de pescado (fish casserole) and caldereta de pescado (fish stew), which make great alternatives to the classic Spanish seafood paella.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

You're missing a trick if you don't take advantage of the many fresh vegetables and sun-ripened fruits on offer on Tenerife. Popular foods include potatoes, bananas, mangoes and papayas.

Sweet treats

To top it all off, why not try one of Tenerife's signature desserts? These include quesillo, a caramel pudding made with eggs and condensed milk, and bienmesabe, which literally translates as 'it tastes good to me' and is made with almonds, eggs, honey and rum. These are excellent served with whipped cream or ice cream, and are perfect for those looking to sample a local delicacy.

Wherever you plan to sample the local cuisine, browse our selection of Tenerife airport transfers to make sure you get there with minimum hassle.