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Local Food to eat in Majorca

The Mediterranean cuisine found in Majorca is a delicious mix of pork, fish or vegetable-based dishes, cooked with plenty of garlic and olive oil. Whether you fancy small quantities of tapas or more hearty dishes, there's something to please everyone's palette.

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A staple of Spanish cuisine, tapas is just as popular in Majorca as on mainland Spain. Locals might eat some tapas – basically a small portion of anything from meatballs to calamari – before a main meal, although you can equally order a few dishes at once with some local wine for a meal in itself.

Arros brut

Don't let the translation of 'dirty rice' put you off – this traditional rice dish is not as well known as the popular paella, but with its mix of meat and vegetables and a combination of spices, it's a delicious alternative. The excess water that it's cooked with makes it feel more like a soup.


These small doughnut-like bites are great eaten hot, and you'll be sure to see them being sold in cafes and bakeries, especially in autumn. They're made with mashed potato, flour, eggs and butter, before being cooked in oil and given a sprinkling of sugar. Perfect to have with a morning coffee.

Llom amb Col

This classic Majorcan dish translates as 'loin with cabbage' and is popular in winter time. Small chunks of pork loin are placed inside a cabbage leaf and it's cooked slowly with tomatoes, wine and pine nuts.


This tasty vegetarian cuisine is a classic Mediterranean recipe of fried aubergines, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes, brought together with olive oil and garlic. It can be eaten with meat or fish, or on its own, for a light summer-time meal.

Frit Mallorqui

This dish will certainly give you a taste of local Majorcan tradition. Still practised in some parts of the island is the gathering together of the whole family to slaughter a pig, eating the parts that can't be cured or salted. The resulting dish is the frit malloqui, a recipe containing potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers and spices made with offal from the pig.

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