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tough journey safe place to park and never beaten on price at liverpool airport

Off-Airport Parking at Liverpool Airport

An easy and convenient way to save a little extra cash, parking off airport grounds is just as safe as any other parking service, but is often offered at lower prices than car parks closer to the terminal. If you don't mind spending a few minutes on a quick and easy transfer bus, then this is a straightforward way to enjoy a bit more in your pocket for what matters - your holiday.

Liverpool Off-Site Car Parks

We have four car parks located close to Liverpool Airport, with quick transfer times on a shuttle bus provided by the car park.

LPL Car Park Price per Day* Price per Week** Transfer Time
Imagine Outdoor Parking £5.25 £42 1 minute
Imagine Indoor Parking £5.25 £42 1 minute
APL £5.88 £47 1 minute
Skypark £6 £48 2 minutes

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Why Should I Book Off-Airport Parking?

Off-site parking is an easy way to get your holiday off to a fantastic start, without paying through the nose for your airport essentials. Here are out top reasons why we think booking off-site parking is a great idea.

  1. - More in your Pocket: Generally speaking, the further a car park is from the airport, the cheaper its prices. Transfers to Liverpool Airport don't take longer than a few minutes, so it's a super easy way to save a little more change for your holiday. What's more, we also offer a Never Beaten on Price Guarantee, so you can be certain you're never spending more than you have to.
  2. - Easy and Simple: Park in any space, hop on the transfer bus, and be ready to check-in within minutes. It's that easy!
  3. - Trusted Partners: We only work with parking service providers we have personally checked and given the thumbs-up. That means you're comparing only the best and most trusted parking operators around when you use Holiday Extras.
  4. - Guaranteed Parking Space: When you book your off-site parking in advance, you guarantee yourself a spot on the day. Without pre-booking, there's no guarantee there will be a space available, and you may end up paying significantly more than if you were to pre-book with us.

Hotels and Parking Packages

unexpected delays airport hotel and parking packages at liverpool airport banner

If you're interested in more ways you can save money, why not take a look at our top-value hotel and parking packages at Liverpool Airport. Our experts carefully partner up our top parking deals, with our fantastic hotel offers, meaning not only will you not have to worry about beating the traffic on the way to catch your flight, but you'll be able to enjoy our packages for a fantastic price too.. Our deals are so good, in fact, that a hotel and parking package often doesn't work out much more expensive than parking on its own!

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How to Book

Not only is booking with Holiday Extras safe and secure, but it's pretty simple too. All you'll need to do is enter your information into the search engine at the top of this page. Once you hit 'search', you'l be shown a list of everything we have available for your holiday, as well as your price, and a little information to refresh your memory. Select the package that suits you, check-out, and relax knowing your airport parking is sorted.

If you're interested in our top value hotel and parking packages for Liverpool Airport, simply select the 'hotels & parking' tab at the very top of the page, and follow the same process.

*Prices are based on one day's parking, correct at time of writing and subject to change.

**Prices are based on eight day's parking, correct at time of writing and subject to change.