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Heathrow and its surrounding areas

Heathrow is situated in the London Borough of Hillingdon. While the area of Heathrow itself is best known for being home to the airport, it used to be a small village called Heath Row, which was demolished to make way for terminal 3 of Heathrow airport. Towns and villages around Heathrow include:

  • Feltham
  • Harlington
  • Harmondsworth
  • Sipson
  • Hanworth

There are a wide range of attractions, venues and events in Heathrow and the surrounding areas. We have compiled lists of what we feel are the best pubs and bars, events, attractions and restaurants in Heathrow and its surrounding area, to help you if you have a few hours free and are looking for something to do or somewhere to eat. If you are looking for more general information on the area around Heathrow, please have a look at the following sites.

plane food

Heathrow pubs and restaurants

If you have ever flown to or from Heathrow, you may be familiar with the Heathrow pubs and restaurants available at the terminals – However, there are a great selection of places to eat in the areas surrounding Heathrow as well and we have gathered a selection of those that we feel are the best.

  • The Thai Nice Restaurant
  • Terrazza – Italian Restaurant
Heathrow Harrods

Heathrow events

Heathrow is not an area that you would associate as having many events that occur nearby that aren’t airport related. However, you will be surprised by the events that occur in the surrounding towns and villages. There is a really wide range of events that occur throughout the year and if you have the time there are always events worth a visit.

Heathrow events

Heathrow local attractions

We have gathered together information on many of the interesting attractions that are around Heathrow and the surrounding areas.

More places of interest near Heathrow

There are many unique businesses, places of leisure and entertainment and other recreational interests in and around Heathrow. We have singled out a few featured places of interest which are explained in detail on their website:

  • Thai Touch Therapy
places of interest near Heathrow

Blogs of Interest

There are many great writers posting articles about travel and general interest around areas of the UK. We love returning to blogs to see what's going on and to get truly unique insights into people's own thoughts.

Heathrow airport

If you're searching for additional information on Heathrow airport, visit our Heathrow airport information guide. Find out your baggage allowance, take a look at the security procedures, and make yourself aware of all the facilities that are available at Heathrow airport. If you;re driving to the airport, browse our Heathrow airport parking deals too.