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How to pick a good hostel in Benidorm

Hostels represent a great alternative to hotels, mainly because they are inexpensive by comparison but also because they tend to be frequented by similarly free-spirited travellers.

Whether you are making your way to Benidorm in particular, or the Costa Blanca in general – or anywhere else in the world, for that matter – choosing an ideal hostel is vital. Before we talk about what to look for, be sure to take advantage of our airport transfers, which will get you from the airport to your hostel in a timely manner.

Well placed?

There's little point staying at an otherwise great hostel if it's not very accessible. It's worth taking the time to find out where nearby amenities are located, such as bus and rail stations, shops, bars and restaurants, not to mention places of interest.

Does it have the essentials?

While no one expects a hostel to be the equivalent of a five-star hotel, there are basic requirements that should be met. For instance, is the hostel clean, is the bed linen fresh, will you be supplied with newly laundered towels? Just think in terms of things that are most important to you. After all, sheets and towels may not automatically be supplied – and you might be fine with that – so make sure you know up front, in case you need to bring your own.

Safe and secure?

You'll likely have a purse or wallet containing credit cards and some money. And you might have with you your all-singing-and-dancing smartphone and a digital camera. In which case, you'll need to have somewhere to safely store them. The majority of hostels tend to provide a locker but don't assume that'll be the case.

Women-only dorms

If you're a woman travelling alone, you might require a hostel that has female-only sleeping quarters. Be sure to check, even though the majority of hostels do offer this feature (and some are dedicated entirely to the accommodation of women).

Common room

An area where you can relax, and enjoy the opportunity to mix with fellow travellers is typically available in most hostels. Additional breakfast and bar facilities are often included, too, and even a library. Find out which of your shortlisted hostels have such amenities to help make your getaway experience even better.

Free Wi-Fi?

Don't take it for granted that your hostel will provide free internet access because it's not always so.

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