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How To Pick a Good Hostel in Majorca

Hostels provide an excellent alternative to more traditional types of holiday accommodation. If you're not fussed about five-star-hotel luxury and simply require somewhere that is clean, comfortable and friendly, a hostel is certainly worth considering, not least because it offers good value for money.

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There are hostels located all around Majorca, but which one should you choose? First of all, decide where on the island you want to stay.


Once you've decided on your specific Majorcan destination, you should make sure that the hostel you have in mind is well placed. Think in terms of how you intend to get around. The more centrally situated a hostel is, the more accessible that part of the island will become.

Check-out times

You'll probably want as much flexibility as possible during your holiday stay, which means that check-out times of 10am or even earlier might be a little on the early side.


At the very least, you should expect your hostel of choice to provide a comfortable, supportive bed and provide fresh linen. A nice, warm shower is also pretty essential. There are other things to consider, too. You might require access to a washing machine, for example. And any hostel worth its salt should provide a locker in which to safely store any valuables. Another thing to think about: does the hostel offer free Wi-Fi?

Social hub

Many hostels feature a bar. If yours doesn't, this needn't be a deal-breaker because there are likely to be some great places to enjoy a drink nearby. However, some kind of social area is pretty important. It'll provide you with somewhere to relax at various points of the day. It'll also make it possible for you to meet fellow travellers and maybe even strike up new friendships.

Read the reviews

Before you commit to anything, be sure to do some research. By reading reviews and comments online, you'll soon get a pretty good idea whether or not a hostel you have in mind is worth booking.

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