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How To Pick a Good Hostel

Choose the right hostel and you'll not only save on accommodation costs, you'll have the ideal platform to enjoy a fabulous holiday. While making your Majorcan holiday preparations, be sure to take advantage of ourCala d'Or airport transfers. Pre-booking our shuttle service will give you one less thing to think about when you arrive.

Hostel hospitality

A good hostel should be welcoming, friendly, well organised, clean and comfortable – and cost-effective. However, the cheapest option isn't always the best one. A better-than-average hostel should meet with basic hygiene standards and offer just enough amenities to make it worth your stay.


The more centrally a hostel is located, the better. If, for example, you have mobility issues, you might find it easier if you're situated in a part of Cala d'Or that provides easy access to beaches, bars, cafés and restaurants, etc.


Does your hostel provide breakfast? If it does, what will it consist of? If it's just toast and a cup of coffee, you may want to pass. And if it's offered at a ridiculously early time, you may begin to think that you're staying in a boot camp rather than holiday accommodation!

Free internet

Don't assume that all hostels provide free Wi-Fi – make sure you check whether or not this is the case before you book.

Check-out times

It's quite possible that you'll require the option to stay in your accommodation relatively late on the last day of your stay. In which case, an early check-out time probably won't cut it.


Make sure your hostel has a locker. If you can't safely stow money, electronics and other items of value, you should probably choose somewhere else to stay.

A social space

If your hostel comes with a bar, that's certainly something in its favour but what's most important is that it features a common area in which fellow travellers can hang out. This will give you the chance to strike up conversations, swap tips and maybe even forge new friendships.


Whether all of the above applies or not can usually be quickly established with a little bit of internet research. It's always worth having all the essential information straight before committing yourself to booking a place.

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