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How To Get Around Rome

Rome is a hugely popular destination, famous for its historical landmarks, spectacular fountains and cultural heritage. Here at Holiday Extras, we provide airport transfers to enable you to get to your desired location easily and safely. Whether it's an airport taxi or even a private coach, you'll be able to find what you're looking for with us.

To make sure you get the most out of your stay in Rome, have a read of our guide on how best to get around the Eternal City.


Although Rome is one of the big capitals of the world, the historical landmarks can be covered in a day on foot. Arrive early at the Colosseum before exploring the nearby Forum. Then head over to the Trevi Fountain and throw in a couple of coins, before continuing on to the Pantheon, after which you can enjoy some well-earned refreshments in one of the cafes on the Piazza Navona.


Best in terms of convenience and value, the Public Transit Bus service runs 24 hours a day and covers the whole city. Buy your tickets at a nearby tobacconist and validate them by punching them into the ticket counter on the bus. If you're visiting for a long weekend, it's worth purchasing a 3-day pass that gives you unlimited access to bus and metro.


Rome has two metro lines, and you can spot them by looking out for the large M signs. Line A, the red line, stops off at the Vatican and Spanish Steps, while Line B, the blue line, includes a stop at the Colosseum. Your Metro ticket will be valid for the buses also.


The official taxis are white and have a meter, but note that prices will double after 10pm. Uber is legal and used in Rome, although the cost tends to be higher than that of the white cabs.


Hiring a car in Rome is a fun way to get around the city, especially if you have children, and Holiday Extras provides car hire at a reasonable price. Be prepared for Italian drivers tooting their horn on a regular basis – all part of the cultural experience of being in Rome!

However you decide to get around the city, make sure to book your Rome airport transfers with Holiday Extras, for a reliable and trusted service to where you want to go.