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How much money do you need a day in Alicante?

With Holiday Extras, airport transfers are affordable and simple to arrange. After you've paid for air fares and accommodation, you'll need to have enough money to spend when you reach Alicante – but how much?

Well, on average, Alicante is more than 50% cheaper than London. Admittedly, the English capital isn't the most inexpensive of places to live or visit but this figure should give you an idea of relative costs in the UK and this part of Spain.

Eating and drinking

The average price of a meal, including a drink, is about €10.00 (approximately £8.61). A three-course meal for two at an Italian restaurant, meanwhile, costs about €47.00 (£40.47). A typical fast-food meal is priced at around €7.00 (£6.03), while a local pub dinner for two is likely to cost about €26.00 (£22.39).

A cocktail purchased in a club will probably set you back about €7.00 (£6.03), while a pint of beer in a local pub is typically priced at a little more than €4.00 (£3.44). If ever you need a cappuccino to pep up your energy levels, you can expect to pay around €2.10 (£1.81).(

A litre of milk in Alicante costs in the region of €0.89 (about £0.77), while a two-litre bottle of Coca-Cola is likely to set you back about €1.53 (£1.32). A half-litre bottle of domestic beer from a supermarket is will probably feature a price tag of €0.68 (£0.59), whereas a bottle of decent red wine will leave you €5.00 (£4.30) lighter in the pocket.

Travelling in Alicante

After you've arrived at your destination by using our hassle-free Alicante Airport transfers, you'll have plenty of options when it comes to getting around.

Alicante is well served by trains, trams and buses so getting around the city – and travelling further afield – is pretty straightforward. A return train ticket for two to Valencia can vary from €33.93 to €63.06 (roughly £29.21 to £54.29), depending on the time of day you set off. The same journey by bus is typically about €42.97 (£37.00), no matter what time of day you go. If you're hiring a car, a gallon of petrol costs about €1.26 (£1.08) and the price of hiring a family car for, say, three days starts at around €24.24 (£20.87).


You can expect to pay about €1.60 (approximately £1.38) for a four-pack of toilet paper. A box containing 32 branded sanitary towels comes with a typical price point of €4.22 (£3.63), while a two-in-one shampoo product typically features a €2.69 (£2.32) price tag. Hopefully, you'll spend your entire vacation in fine fettle but if you do ever find yourself feeling under the weather, a 12-dose box of antibiotics will cost about €3.35 (£2.88).

Please note: prices quoted are for guidance purposes only.