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How Expensive is it to travel in Rome?

After Milan and a little ahead of Venice, Rome is the most expensive place in Italy to live. This is hardly surprising, especially since it's the country's capital city – but is it expensive to navigate?

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The cheapest way to get around

Providing you have good mobility, you shouldn't have any problem getting to the majority of the city's must-see attractions on foot. This is particularly true if you book accommodation in the centre of Rome, which is more affordable than you might think.

Public transport

To enjoy 24-hour travel, pick up a Roma24 ticket, which costs €7.00. A Roma48 fare, meanwhile, is priced at €12.50. Alternatively, it'll cost you €18.00 to purchase a Roma72 ticket.

To enjoy one week's unlimited travel, pick up a CIS card, which is priced at €24.00. If you're staying for four weeks or longer, it's worth considering a monthly ticket for a cost of €35.00.

As you can see, travel prices are reasonable. What's more, the aforementioned tickets can be used on the city's buses, trams and metro.

You can buy tickets at newsstands, machines that are positioned at larger bus stops and metro stations. Some buses are supposed to feature ticket machines – but, more often than not, you won't be able to pay onboard so it's best to purchase tickets beforehand.

Buses and trams

Buses and trams operate regularly between 5.30am and midnight. Thereafter, night buses turn up roughly every 30 minutes.


There are three underground routes in Rome. Lines A and B are good for navigating the historical heart of the city, while Line C will take you to the suburbs. Services operate between 5.30am and 11.30pm every day with an extension of two hours on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Please note that all prices quoted are correct at the time of writing.