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Holiday Activities for Over 50s in Majorca

Majorca is full of exciting possibilities for people of all ages. There are attractions for families and activities aimed at 20-somethings, but Majorca is also perfect for those seeking something a little different, so book your flights and Majorca airport transfers and read our round-up of the best holiday activities for those over the age of 50.

Seek out the beach

We don't need to tell you that there are some glorious beaches in Majorca. In fact, there are 262 beaches in total, so you'll never be short of golden sands when you fancy spending a day at the coast.

Visit a beach club

If you're relaxing, do it in style with one of Majorca's beach clubs. Recline on a sun lounger, sip a refreshing cocktail or even book a spa treatment to make the most of the opportunity.

Take a drive

You may have sought the convenience of airport transfers to your accommodation and taxis to your favourite restaurants, but why not splash out on a vintage or sports car for a drive through the countryside? The picturesque Serra de Tramuntana mountains are perfect for a trip in a convertible, and you'll feel like a celebrity as you cruise in the sun.

Hire a boat

If boats are more your thing, why not take a trip out to sea? You could go for a sailing boat or motorboat, depending on the type of experience you're after. If your budget is limited, you could book tickets on a boat tour and enjoy the experience with fellow travellers.

Explore Majorca's little villages

There are many charming and tranquil villages to be found in Majorca if you venture away from the tourist hotspots. Fornalutz is thought to be Spain's prettiest village, but Banyalbufar and Valldemossa are also worth a visit.

Browse local markets

These days, we're used to finding familiar brands in foreign countries, but visiting a local market gives you the opportunity to discover new products that you may not have seen or tried before. The markets in Artà, Santanyí and Sineu offer a varied range of local produce, flowers, clothing, leather products and even live animals.

Go wine tasting

Holidaymakers can find 70 bodegas – or wine stores – in Majorca, many of which host tours and group tasting sessions. This is a perfect opportunity to discover more about Majorca's history and try a selection of some of the island's finest wines.