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Historical Landmarks in Majorca

Sunny weather, turquoise ocean waters and beautiful bays are, of course, a huge part of Majorca's attraction but there's even more to this island…

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Classy cathedral

Majorca is one of the world's most popular sunshine destinations, not least because it's an island that is steeped in history. Take Majorca's capital, for example. Palma is home to Catedral-Basílica de Santa María, a gorgeous Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral that boasts a splendid water-side location. Known locally as La Seu, this striking edifice is one of the tallest of its kind in Europe.

A town of antiquity

At the opposite end of Majorca is Alcúdia, which is a historic landmark in and of itself. Phoenicians and Greeks were known to inhabit this town, before a settlement was established by the Roman Empire in 123 BC. Scroll forwards to the 14th century, when James II of Aragon had a wall built to protect the township – a wall that stands intact to this day. Among this town's many historical highlights is Spain's smallest Roman amphitheatre.

Step up

Approximately seven miles north-west of Alcúdia is the town of Pollença, which features the Calvari Steps, all 365 of them. This stone staircase leads from Parroquia Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (the church of Pollença's patron saint) to a chapel that sits atop a hill called El Calvari. Every Good Friday, a silent, torch-lit parade takes place on these steps, which involves the transportation of a carving of Christ from the chapel to the church below.

An uncommon castle

Back in Palma, Castell de Bellver is another historic must-visit landmark. Like that city's cathedral, it was also built in the Gothic style, with construction beginning near the start of the 14th century. This impressive white-stone structure is especially noteworthy because of its circular design, which marks it out as something of a rarity in Europe. The castle is well worth visiting for its hill-top position alone since it provides outstanding views of the city.

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