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Historical Landmarks in Costa Adeje

On holiday in Costa Adeje, you can expect the usual summer fare: stunning beaches, long promenades perfect for evening strolls and traditional restaurants offering local dishes and wines. There's also a historical side to Costa Adeje you might not know about. Here are some historical landmarks in Costa Adeje for you to check out. Before you do that, book one of our airport transfers. We will meet you once you land and can take you to destinations all over Spain.

Biblioteca Canaria

This is a library building that houses Costa Adeje's historic archives ranging from the 16th century. Wander around to see the latest in data technology displaying documents and information about the region and its history. Some are from the Marquis of Casa Fuerte, residents of La Gomera and El Hierro and the Ampudia and Cea estates. Outside the building, there's an ancient cannon that's worth a photo op or two.

Casa del Duque

Gracing the coast and looking imposingly down to the rolling waves, Casa del Duque is a towering old building made of stone and tile. It was built during the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1936) by the Duke of Abrantes. Legend has it that it was constructed so Alfonso XIII, who had been facing his downfall since 1930, would have somewhere to stay without having to go abroad after being accused of high treason.

Casa Fuerte

Casa Fuerte stands in the spot of the last sugar plantation on the island of Tenerife. In 1553, Pedro Ponte ordered it to be built as a fortification that would work as a defence against the numerous pirate attacks Costa Adeje experienced over the years. During the next three centuries, the building become an important centre of politics, economy and society under the Ponte family rule. Part house, part fortress, it was made up of a castle, storehouses for grains, a stable, a bakery with ovens, servants' quarters, a church and a main palace. It also housed the Sala de Archivos containing historical documents known as 'the Treasures of the Canaries'.

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