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Heathrow Wifi

Whether you've got important emails to send, want to live tweet your airport experience or post a cheeky selfie or two from Departures, we often spend hours at the Airport so having a comfortable place to relax and access to guaranteed Heathrow wifi is a must.

There is free wifi at Heathrow Airport throughout the Terminals - to use it, simply select _Heathrow Wi-Fi before following the instructions on your device. There are also free internet kiosks available at each Terminal, which offer access to the internet and to passenger information.

However, finding a luxurious spot to unwind while you're scrolling is not always easy to do in the wilderness of the main terminal, so we'd recommend opting to use the Heathrow free wifi to connect to friends or browse at one of our decadent lounge areas.

Heathrow Airport Wifi

Heathrow Free Wifi at Lounges

If the chaos of the main terminal area isn't your preferred atmosphere for shopping your favourite sites or binge-watching the latest episodes, the tranquility of one of our lounges with wifi at Heathrow will be just the ticket:

  • The House at T4 offers free unlimited wifi, access to showers, charging areas to keep your devices at their best, complimentary magazines and more. Better yet, free meals are part of the bargain here - served a la carte, with drinks available too. Start your holiday early here and perhaps simply indulge in a coffee and a croissant to feel continental before you ever leave the UK.
  • No 1 Lounge is another spot for unlimited Heathrow Airport free wifi in a decadent area. Toast your trip with something bubbly, catch a film in the mini cinema or tuck into the seasonal bistro options available - including your free hot dish. Enjoy runway views, play in the family room with your little ones or if you fancy catching a few extra zzzs book yourself into a bedroom on-site!
  • Often one of our cheapest options for a Heathrow lounge with wifi, the Sky Team Lounge is ideal for either business travellers or holiday makers. There's plenty of secluded areas to focus on all important emails, or if you've a little more time to unwind, we'd highly recommend the massaging chairs in the wellness centre - although they may make texting a little difficult. Sip on a free hot or cold drink while you scroll to your heart's content.

Interested in staying at a Lounge at Heathrow for wifi sign in capability, free drinks, a comfortable place to unwind before you jet off and more? Simply search for your dates and times at the top of the page to see our latest availability and pricing. ↑

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